Curse of such a paradox



Momentum unbound. 

Mood. Of an oscillator. 

Forming randomised patterns. 

Conductor of shapes.

Within the blink of ones vision.

 Immediate impact. 

Much illusionary.

Can’t trust all that is visionary. 


Now let’s not deceive oneself.

 This level of defiance. 

Can only affect ones health. 

How about a rewind?

An act of absolving such change.

No such idea was never. 

Ever bound.  

What ever could warrant.

Such unthinkable desires.

For a backward return.

Reasonings normality. 

Seasonal flu.

Treturous treason.

Paradox of that cat. 

No edits. Nor deletes.

Phycotic motions.

Infecting those within grasp.

Thick clasp.


Release in a logical sense. 

Dive. And Immerse


Prohibiting all. Just forward tunes.

The debt incured.

For choosing ones fate. 


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