Part I: A piece of me…

I’m not one to really talk about myself and especially not on a media outlet given my distaste for plenty of reasons I shall not go into. But in order to connect with like minded individuals I guess you kind of need to add personal indictions. So here it goes…

I love debates!! And I think it’s such a healthy way to share and stipulate ideas. A recent topic of discussion amongst friends was whether the earth 🌍 is spherical or flat. Even a debate? Well you wouldn’t think so with the reasesant drilling of our globe like planet. But when this information is fed to us rather than based on our own observation then it adds a new perspective. However coming from a scientific background I was also highly skeptical, believe me. Moreover, I was shocked at how quickly some of my friends were quick  accept any new information put forth, especially considering as they saw it as having been lied to previous, and not based on a theory like all sciences of life. Why would this scenario of new information then be an different from what was previously stipulated? I am always open to considering new ideas, (I think) but it seems nonsensical to not consider any implications beforehand. 

A talking point that stood out during these debates was whether you can actually see a horizon. I belive I can see a curve! But then again from such a far distance I’m not too sure if you could tell from the human eye alone. Then when I look at the clouds, to me, they don’t appear straight but seem to curve around the earth. Although even with this I suppose a flat earth can still be viable regardless of the curved clouds. And also, has anyone been out of space and seen this angle of earth? For me seeing, (along with feeling) really is believing. I need to go out of space myself to make this a reality. I do consider whether you would be able to see earth through the layer of atmospheric gases. Whilst on a plane, all I ever see is clouds that far up. Maybe in the night? I’m not too sure. And why don’t they fly around the globe when travelling from Australia to the USA? That would make more sense, right? Evidence does lead me to believe photographic ‘proof’ supporting ideas of space may potentially be fabricated. 

Evidence can only really be based on observation which I think doesn’t point in either one direction. Although I swear to God I’ve seen a horizon. Ironic. Does a flat earth mean there is God. Since the universe would have to be centered around earth. Further pushing the idea of our creation for a specific purpose. What does this mean for our destiny? Or maybe we were just a world based on trial and error. Then came life. How to ever decipher the true meaning behind our existence. I doubt we’ll ever know. But I like to think there’s much more to life than just our dear planet earth. 

What do you guys believe? I’d love to here your comments.


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