The light with my tears. 

People’ true light has a funny way in exposing itself. It has to theatrical. Dramatic. I guess it’s the only way you spot. And begin to pay a light.  If I wasn’t filled with tear spats right now it would almost be quite amusing. And after all the tears (or most) had been shed I welcomed the relief felt at having released such a massive burden.

Regardless of the cause of these coming to lights, I’ve come to realise my inner voice had been nudging towards this outcome for a while yet I’d refused to accept my fate. No voice is needed where motions reveal their true identity. Ultimately, I should have trusted and believed in my truth. I had tight bonds. Attachments which I believed would never dwindle. So I thought why ever question a infinitely burning candle? 

Until I was given no other alternative.  That luminescent star I had forever seen. Started to shine with no colours within. And I started to look even more and more inward. Beyond the feelings that made me feel this way. Then I realised no feelings ever needed a voice. To make you feel the way you do. For this inner voice makes you feel all that you do.  

Shifts in life’ balance. Seen amongst sadness’. The difficult part. In accepting all that I am. But just like regulatory. Insight. Given me the potential. To become all that I can be. I find beauty in this irony. For having not had tears. I couldn’t have had the after part. 

So no more choosing to ignore my inner voice and prolong an eventual destine. I took my time. I’ve aired my release and now the time has come where I expel this fivirlois chapter heeded with doubt and denial in dubious measures. Start a new chapter. Find new direction. And bathe in the soothing remedies that transpire. And in doing so also find joy in the tears; a blessing disguised as a curse. 


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