Was it ever truly love.

I should feel most at home

Among the people I love

They’ve known me most time 

Seen such varying parts of me


So is it so silly of me 

To expect this love to coincide

With that of mine? 

Memoirs of much simpler times


Methods to ease those difficult times 

A squeeze of lime 

For its something you can’t never erase

The past

Yes, fabricated


Sometimes that little white lie

But real

It has been felt 

Yet along the line 



Although much remains the same 


From a different view

Both a blessing 

And a curse 

Causing together both smiles and tears

So why do I happen to feel so lost?


And trapped

Completely consumed in lies

Of want


To feel a type of love


To just feel you

I don’t know if I can continue 

In letting myself  believe  

Now I’m starting to think

Will myself ever be enough? 

I have to try and find my own

Can’t be stuck living this tale

Of fairies 

And elfs 

All else mythical 


Comes the same with life

I’m taking control 

I can’t keep up 

Living not just one persons life

Finally reached that breaking point. 


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