Constant changes is not really change. That’s the rolling aim.

Change? In the face of change, seemingly strong men and women can become weak and timid, tired and lethargic; altogether utterly useless and unable to withstand the varying obstacles hurdled moving forwards. This can be tough and physically demanding but the biggest battle stems from mental endurance. Change is different to usual expectations faced only an average day, where situations are systematically dealt with having faced these same situations before on hundreds of consecutive occasions. But this feeling of contentment due to situations of familiarity also means many people can’t seem to handle or even acknowledge such unknown or unwanted entities in their life. Where has the sense of excitement been lost when facing these new challenges? Or any given challenge in the face of the mind numbing race of monotony, where all remains still, and we’re merely just growing resulting from the unavoidable changes in size and age. It seems only logical to prevent allowing our minds from this type of organic growth too right. 

Now let’s cleanse my mind with familiar grounds. Predictive outcomes. Which theoretically sounds like a nightmare repeating itself. Again. And again. Boring. Repetitive. More than enough to drive me insane. Hence, why even choose this reality? We’ve pretty much forgotten the motions of change and if not to register these feelings then you bound to feel out of your comfort zone, and clasp even deeper onto normality. And in deepening the grasp these habits become even more deeply ingrained and thats where fears can start to create it’s own outlaying mould. Stepping out of this comfort zone however can offer immeasurable treasures.

I imagine it being like when you initially test the waters of a swimming pool; starting with one little toe dipped into the cold waters. That’s enough to turn some off; that all too drastic temperature change provides a mental picture of what can be expected. However the people with enough courage will jump into the deep and immerse themselves all at once to then realise just how temporary and also exchangeable that initial feeling was. To be replaced with an opposing feeling. I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised. Life is a constant changing motion coaster  whose feelings also coincide with this. I’m about to acquire some adrenalin, not only from partaking in workouts or other planned activities. Yet still those same jitters of excitement, rare budding zest, in flares of beats. B bum. B bum. Faster. Bursting with spontaneity from making decisions as and when they arise. 

‘Right now I think about fractals and the unquantifiable rational validation of comings and goings. I’m happy to just let my mind wonder; like my nerves firing impulses throughout uquantifiable grounds. I’m don’t know what in talking about and I don’t care for today I’m going to message a stranger a beautiful note to hopefully make another crack a smile.’

I challenge all to change one aspect of their usual routine. Ignore the safe zone and change the route you normally take to work and openly sense all these differences you see and hear, spark up a random conversation with a fellow bus stop wanker,  jog and jog until your legs can no longer physically carry you any further then take to all fours to explore the surrounding area reached, follow a random cloud to reach a new destination then do the same again, follow the journey of a bug and see where they may lead you. I always happen to run away with myself. My mind can really can wonder. Leave it up to you. Lets go. 


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