No halves.

Why does there always have to be another half? That’s the way it always seems. Like there’s more to the puzzle than this only given bit. A side piece. Whichever missing quantity. But by all definitions, doesn’t a half essentially mean incomplete? Not a whole. A part of that cake is missing. Or the ‘my glass is half empty or half full’ debate. It’s the way we’re programmed to work. Instead I have come to realise that everything I receive is in fact is a whole. My whole. For it’s the way it should be perceived. You can’t add pocessesion to a hypothetically owned dish. 

So I look at it like this. If I’m given a slice of cake then that is the only one in which I pocess. My story. A whole slice of chocolate cake. Although the cake has more of  it’s story to tell. It’s part of a whole! Not me. I was just always destinated for that slice. Glass half full or half empty? There is no such thing. As far as I’m concerned air does have it’s own brand of particles. It’s always full. There is no existing half. You’re just forgetting to account for its other half. 

It’s funny the way we look at such things. But this can have a vast impact in how your mind deals with the hurdles jumped past throughout life. In using an array of angles to unearth a larger spectrum you’re able to build up a more complete process. Not only one type of denominator. Not only a half. Well I’m a whole being you can’t cut me into thirds.

I’ll leave my piece with this. A whole ‘piece’ of writing. When you look at a horizon and see the sun rising in that instant it always feels like a magical phenomenon. It’s has its own version. Every time it’s unique. That moment can never not be a whole. But perspectives. When you think. Become the ears and eyes of the sun. Course it’s only a small unit in that cycle. There’s so so much more! As if the sun would experience the same as us. Well would I see a rise and a set? Beginning and end? How would it vary at a different time in the day? And the same difference the very next day? Theres still so much more that you could factor in. But yet for me every viewing is its own individual whole. A masterful painting. That moment doesn’t share any other face. And this account doesn’t have to mean a disregard for the bigger picture. There can be many different perspectives. 

“No halves. Just a multiplex of angles within such wholes.”


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