Today’s realisation.

Today was my realisation that a seemingly insignificant moment can lead to an drastic alteration of ones mindset. That term ‘mindfulness’ which is thrown around in generous helpings. And I must guiltily admit I have been victim before but did I really know what ‘the term’ meant? Well in technical terms yes but not it’s true understanding. In its entirety. Small helpings. But still not the awareness of the endless power of these feelings. To move mountains. In the illiterate sense. Truly where infinite power lies……

Maybe a big part of non enlightenment comes not from realising what makes you happy. And even this may never fully be found within ones lifetime. But having the consciousness in  the understanding and dissection of those feelings so you can work towards an ultimate goal of constant developments. Or reconditionings from the acquirements of intial conditioning as a result of ones environment. So that ultimate goal? Well still not completely found. But also not the assumed selfish thoughts of self happiness mixed with attempts at ‘showing’ love and compassion. Not completely faked. But natural? Or instinctive?  Not entirely. Real love and compassion. Gained. And shared. In cycles. For having really felt it. In strangers. Not thinking family and long time friends. People. Friends . Just all friends like for like. 

Okay bored of this cringy shit. But in real terms this mindset opens up incomprehensible levels of masterful abilities. And once you realise this power of mindfulness you become all powerful without any yearning for these abilities. Feeding itself. Regaining power. With the knowledge that your mind has a certain level of omnipotence. Like that of a described God. And in using this knowledge to become it’s true master. With no level of insecurity, unsurpassed goals or any other measurement of idle doubt. 

Now that’s pure control! Careful control of thoughts. I just had a instance which  only came from a moment of love. Strong feelings. Feelings. Can lead to seemingly impossible. Or not yet understood. But what a fucking therapy. Such a therapeutic stimulant. And like they say: practice makes perfect. 


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