For the love of trees.

Why do we think that we own the world and all that resides within. If there were still no evidence presented rejecting the idea regarding a universe centered around earth we’d all still believe this too. Our heads are big. Bigger than big. Yes, we are all special but this idea has been pushed to far and eliminated all other beings from this categorisation as well. 

Egotists. Superialists. Rightists. And all kinds of -its. Ist all ours. We even own any other living. I couldn’t hide my probably gone unnoticed sarcasm in that. But if we can forge ownership in most why differentiate between a chair made of wool and its wooly other half. It’s kind of the same. We don’t sit on a comfy chair and think of life so why would we for the other way. That’s just not how it works.

Instead, we put price tags on items maybe created because this somehow makes us ingenious. Put animals in cages because this somehow makes us ingenious too. And the ultimate superior. Show a lack of respect to the photosynthesizing lives. You’ve guessed it because it somehow makes us ingenious. And superior. Oh the beauty in this intellect. 

These short term goals of prosperity; can they be classed as ingenious, superior or other far too respectful terms, when comparing from another spectrum. For when looked at ultimate long term survival we’d more likely be the bottom of the pack. ‘In my generation’ this and ‘in my generation’ that. Not ones before or yet to come for that’s way to large a span, not classed in respecting brackets. Separate and classify.

But how long do you think that this can last? Can we really last? Like this. With not any life guarantee. Let alone our rights. Complacency in its entirety. Lost our delicate touch. Basing this ingeniouity on self. But when we look at the facts of our life verus death reliance on much being green; they dont share in this same necessity like us. We need them, they don’t need us. No leg to stand on. Let’s hope they don’t grow a pair and start realising that.

‘This life grants such beauty and love. Now let’s begin appreciating that.’ 


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