No Boxing


From consciousness.


Progression of learning.

Not just through books and wikipedia.

Sometimes the people you meet.

Places you see.

All that you feel.

Going undetected from the gradual nature of it.

But how true to dissect and classify the meaning of that term;


Highly regarded.

Still substance based.

IQ tests.

Acquiring fact without much meaning.

I’ve been to university but could I still recite viral sequences and names of their genes.

Text book stuff.

No freedom. 


Unrelating senses.

Loosing ability of thought.

To think.


Touching solidity.

Only ever in the box.

Or a box.

Place to stash those books.

Fuck the box.

Puncture and wound.

Take it away.

Allow those books to be free.

Just like those minds should be.

Only then you’ll have the ability to see. 


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