Game of power.

Movements drifting. Elusive changes. Rapid rates. New ones forming. Not one second same. Constant battles to remain with holding power. Winner claiming charging energy. Maybe such vastly potential to beat much taken from that path. Silly passage. Yet a constant forward flow. Engulfing. Glowing in size. Every which measurement. No questions asked. Raised. No Face. First. There is no other worthy place. Better death. God forbid some other alternative. 

In the escalation of these clashing battles lies an unlikely source. Unsuspecting eyes. Isn’t interested in those weakening games. Only in becoming an ultimate force. Increase it’s density. Size through depth. Forming strong bonds. Passing floaters. Drifters. Just the pure act of drifting alone makes them some what a risk taker. In weighing up the stats. Thats the risk the source must make. Amongst all these surging power battles. Making source the superior risk taker. Of takers. Of all. 

But source slowly building. Growing. Growing bubbles of mould. Thickening white. Dimensional. Beyond exponential. Even the few battles go floating off in retreat. Though they all soon retreat. “Unrighteous air, so why bother in losing any size?” That’s what they say. They just don’t understand where true power lies. Which is why they’ll always be one. Dimensional. “Size is power, the only mattering quantity” I hear the other exclaim. ‘Well I see space and time. That’s where your weakness lie.’ 

Quick arms. Happy to settle for companions, unwilling. No true binding treaty. That of like for like. Tightly bonds. Creating a real unity. Only a natural pact. True depth. Not only size. Worthy enough to pass true ranging tests. Pulsating. Growth. Pulse and grow. Bursting. And charging electrons. Yet contained. Not quickly gonna explode. Or implode. Fluidly stable. And wise.

So when the real warly consumption begins, which cloud do you think will have their remaining particles? Tightly connections or a dispersal of sizely electrons? I didn’t watch the full on battle ensue although I saw where the wisdom lay. Idiosyncratic phenomenon of one and all. 




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