We be fools. We be fooled.

How many times with the repeating and drilling, yet remaining so ever exquisitely said.

Among the deification of rotting corpses, dust and bone, many stories of injustice to tell.

Flowing vast and wide, blind men in battles, with brutality and bloodshed, in every lifeline peace is nun. No church. Graves. The dead.

Again with more repetition and drilling, made sense with casual links upon links for all these stories of retell.

But yet what remains are the web of lies and tales sung of equality existing. 

And with the same breath of air, we’re told to compare and feel so very grateful. Is this a paradox? What an incomparable sisterin.

So who fit to be held accountable with at least given absolute blame?

Historic examples are everywhere. A library of books. Leaving no room to simply rest or ever forget.                         

A man-mad poison, of exponential growth. This rapid infection likely impossible to subdue or ever be tame.

But these constant reminders not meant for the power. Those beastly strays duck and dodge, bypass the net.

And with no real method of unearthing or knowing the root source. Invisible links. Damn you, you pleasantly disguised  pest.                                                                                           Unruly and harmful, strongly woven and bound, forming its very own bloody layered nest.                              

Paki they call me, pickies for us, or niggar for the blacks. Unworthy people, they’re is, this’ and thats. That’s what they say.       

                                                                                                       No individuals. Just categories and boxes. Instead leaves the question why, what, or who devised the terms for these very is, this’ and thats?

Fed these haunting divides. Closet full of ghostly skeletons. With this justification of a new ever-changing day.                

                                                                                                             But in keeping with these unburden terms, from being left untamed, has formed a separation rather than a positively stitched foundational plait.                                             

And we so stupid for falling into this trap. Those clever cunts. Their tactic used. Maintaining their ultimate dream of utopic control.

So no real unity, just distant, oh so scattered causes of fight. For sure we be the ones left to console.                         

Our faults. For the ease in which we’re bullied and battered, scratched and bruised, led so far astray.      

                                                                                                                                          Maybe by learning for real, unpinning some truth (for it can never be whole) can unmask the much needed wisdom perphaps. That progressive kind.                                                                                  

Well more often than not, an overflowing spellbound cauldron, infiltrating and fixing onto a once innocent, such pure mind.      

                                                                                               Now residues of hate can lay. And stay. Another day.  Those building blocks have much to say.                                        

Solution of like for like. Again with the repetition and drilling. A vicious cycle. Goes around. The unavoidable flu.         

Is that what we too aim to be? Love surely always overpowers hate then I ask myself is this really true?                

We must be guilty. Fools, oblivious, accepting and weak, looking, never seeing. Or maybe innocent? After all left was a Venus engulfing trap.     

Innocence? I’m not convinced. Believe the lies, focus shifted, and lifted. Denial and deceit. No. No real forward pressing.           

So how blame the forgers? Although utterly crafty. A beautiful con artist, laying mindful blocks from earth through to mars.            

                                                                                             We’ve lost all fight. Just no point. No way of changing such a forecast. Premonition. Or vision. Must certainly be written in the stars.        

                                                                               Wasted minds. Like robots. The unconscious. A downright atrocity. Preventing our minds from becoming fully aware and alert.

Then theirs those who believe there’s no need to think at all with this automatic superiority. Just let the peasants hurt. They’re dirt.                                                             

Thus leaves me to believe we haven’t come that far since our expansion. Intellectual. Home sapiens. Mutational last.                         

Yes science and technology. Cant argue with that. But has much really changed from that of the barbarous past?     

Hope in humanity? Haa. We’re fading away with no such meaning. Our main real issue being how much does that handbag cost?     

Once an optimist, but now just frank and real. A vast selective gene pool. Of fools. We be fools. We be fooled. Now let’s both dance and jost.


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