Artefact I. Diaries of the traveller woman.

I love the fact that I have no idea where or what I will be doing on the forthcoming days, months or years. Yes, it can have its scary moments when you over analyse your current situation and the general instability of the traveller lifestyle and this can become massively overwhelming. When will the next pay check come, if even at all? And how can I sustain myself for such a long period of time? How am I getting any legitimate experience towards  future career options? Does this personal development compensate for the time and money spent? Am I really getting a real cultural experience from visitings such touristic places, and staying in western style hostels? Every now and again these passing thoughts can even worry my mind, but it doesn’t linger for long of enough for it to hinder my existing thought process. My friends either bettering academic qualifications to improve their career prospects, extending experience from their earlier retail jobs, or generally looking towards the future. Or the conventional views of my father, and his lack of understanding towards the beneficial value of travelling. In his eyes he just can’t see the point, although I quite like having to express my reasons for wanting to visit a certain place. And it also helps validate this in my mind, if ever needed. So although I move in a differing direction than that of my friends or expectations put in place I have no reservations.

So what do I love so much about travelling? Well, in a nutshell…

Number one, the spontaneity! Not knowing where I will be, what I will see, get out of any experience or hopefully positively contributing to other lives’. One prime example is my latest unprompted decision to go to India. Although I have always wanted to visit the country, mainly due to the longevity, diversity and stronghold in their culture and history, and the food of course, I hadn’t realised it would be so soon, scrapping my original plan to visit Bali in April and on a whim booking the first flight seen on sky scanner, before even having the appropriate visa documentation. And this gives me such excitement; the unknown, the chaos imposed on myself, the idea of ever changing circumstances and consequential alteration of lives’ superficial pathway, and essentially having no plan. Too much emphasise is placed on this idea of methodically planning out step-by-step details of life, achieving the unachievable, but there is just no fun in that, and ultimately these wishes and expectations lead to disappointments if left unachieved. The idea of planning for an unforeseeable future seems like time very well unspent if you ask me! So be spontaneous, take countless risks, and really live with vitality and vigour, and don’t just exist; that is for the unconscious.

Although a cliché, it would still have to be meeting people and gaining understanding in regards to other cultures, ideas and beliefs. Yes, I can meet people at home for sure; I live close to London, which is jam-packed with multi-culture, differing religions and such diversity. But in terms of being immersed in country based cultures, and in getting a palpable feel can only come from first-hand familiarity in any country. These divergent cultures have a definite impact on that of the person; you only have to look at how the varying religions are forged in distinct areas in the world to gain an understanding. Would I be a Buddhist had I grown up in Thailand? Or a Muslim having grown up in Indonesia? Or maybe the Hinduism religion for that of India? Your geographical region definitely materializing to shape your personality in someway shape or form. And I don’t want to be censored to this reality anymore, fed the knowledge to be influenced as to my opinion. I would much rather dwell face-first, which I’m certain has already and will continue to revolutionise my views and beliefs, developing for the better, and expanding my horizons.

And in attempting to keep this short and sweet I’ll wrap this up with one last point; the ability to dibble and dabble in anything that may tickle my fancy. Maybe getting a diving qualification in Koh Tao, volunteering with orphanage children in India, or teaching in locations all over the world. I have no idea what I want to do as a career and I don’t have any urgency in figuring this out ever. Whilst at university I established I didn’t want to pursue a career in my chosen subject. Although in admiration for the knowledge and development acquired, not only on an intellectual basis, it did fester on my mind that it had maybe been time wasted. However it became the best reckoning, as it led to my refusal to settle in anything that stops stimulating me. A paramount lesson giving me abundant ability to explore all options and angles, a tick box activity in figuring out what I don’t want to do, no love lost, yet still acquiring continual knowledge, stimulation, culture and wisdom. Life is full of constant learning opportunities and I choose to soak up this abundance of knowledge; reading, working, volunteering, exchanging of experiences, religions, spiritual practices, discovering worlds’ thrills and mysteries, and unquestionably travelling!



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