For the love of journals!

Journal logging is my new favourite thing and no more so has it been of high importance than whilst travelling. Having always kept a diary in my younger years I quite like the capacity to record important ideas sparked and as much as I like to think I have such an amazing long-term memory it still does start to fade with time (if only slightly for myself). All the interesting ideas conjured up, and when written in a personal log, rather than a blog or any other type of social networking site, there is such an element of purity; the purest most natural and instinctive thoughts, and some, which may also require a little pondering before, but all give the same desired effect: expression free from such external factors! And this freedom of expression allows your mind to really flourish. I, myself, have seen a vast difference in my writing over time, a descriptive writing style changing to an ideas based philosophical style, and I guess really expressing the thoughts sparked in response to certain stimuli, allowing creative ideas to really take hold; the art of expression.

One particular journal I really liked, no only due to the eloquent scratched Hebrew language, which is likewise rather fascinating to view, but the fact it was all written in pencil yet free from any rubbings out, still forming a meaningful part of the writing. This un-elimination of any part of the original thought process goes to form such a truthful timeline of the mind, these markings still of such significance is reaching the finalised piece. I also liked the expression of travels in taking varied forms, including the interesting pencil drawings, the combination of patterns used within, invoking stories and snippets of a puzzle in an attempt to piece together the journey made. All concepts seemed to be logged including that of the exposure times tested from photographing using a handmade matchbox camera, a continuous journey leading up to the finalised photographs developed. Well, I will let the journal do the talking anyways…





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