The universe is my ‘God’

I’m currently residing in Laos, Vang Vieng, still thinking about the spectacular nature of what was witnessed on New Years Eve whilst on Don Det Island, the atmospheric skyline and all the mystery that it holds. There I was relaxing in my hammock paying great respect to what is such a beauty to visualise anyways; a brightly shining moon, just beyond the half moon stage, with an also brightly shining star, or what looked like a star, impeccably placed above the moon in its top left hand corner, in a 45 degree angle approximately. The moon was giving a show on this night in particular; large in size, yellow in colour, peaks and crests all within viewing and what looked like it was within reaching distance. And quite coming from nowhere, a blackish like mist starts to circulate the sky at a very rapid pace, with it also blackening elements of the moon, like splodges of paint had been drawn over it causing a split of this half moon. And another one of these black fogs appears, travelling and spreading along the skyline, making its way down to earth, and also passing through the moon; and another one, and another much to my astonishment. My imagination at this point was certainly running away with itself, with initial thoughts being it must surely be some kind of portal, as expressed to my friend also witnessing these events. But then again with so much unknown about the universe then who is to say its not a rational consideration, it so easily could have been, and it didn’t feel that far-fetched at the time given its extraordinary nature. I was quite hoping it would be too! However, no amount of description can really do justice in putting across the bizarre nature as to what was really seen. And before a comment about it being as a result of comet Catalina, this being what was seen, then guess again. I have looked up the details and images surrounding this, and this was nothing like what I visualised.

This unique feature in the skyline lasted for a very long time and all the while the moon had never seemed so close, the moons intensity reaching its zenith and beyond. It was almost blinding how bright the moon shone, lighting up the river coloured black as what comes with night, and the beams shining down from the moon also visible. The moon was spherical and lifelike in appearance. Its strength this day was made very evident, exerting its authority within the sky, and if looked for long enough, which I did (I couldn’t keep my eyes off literally), the visible peaks starts to move in circular like motions. I felt very blessed indeed to have been able to witness this magical anomaly. And it makes you appreciate all the fascinating existences of our world and how the sheer existence of human life would almost certainly not be possible if only one single element was changed, like the degree to which the earth is titled, the positioning of the sun and the moon in relation, the perfect acceleration of gravity or the combination of atmospheric gases; all elements required for our very survival. And an unthinkable question comes to mind: What would our earth be like if any one of these elements had been different? What kind of species would earth make room for? And what would they look like? Would they be more or less advanced than humans? And does that currently exist in another galaxy? These hypothetical questions are ultimately endless. I used the word ‘our’ in reference to earth and immediately re-evaluated my choice of word, but it would definitely seem that way by the manner in which we exert our authority into pretty much every aspect of it. But yet it is still ultimately just ‘borrowed’, ‘lent’, ‘rented’ for the time being, yet we don’t really demonstrate how grateful we are in day to day life for this matter of fact, allowing earth to suffer rather than providing it with the proper nourishment needed to prosper. Silly humans, our short-term selfish egotistical ambitions! (I speak for the majority here). Well, I would like to take the time to say thank you universe for allowing me to exist, expressing my deepest gratitude! If I ever did believe in a greater being the universe would have to be it. And with so much undiscovered secrets, the mystery surrounding, and the exact clockwork behind the universe’ intricacy I really can’t think of a more fascinating anything truly. I mean it is why everything and anything exists so it leaves little room to question this penultimate statement. I may be bias but I just witnessed a masterpiece from ‘God’.

And that evidently wasn’t my finalising sentence. Another fascinating mechanism is the idea that the universe is ever expanding, infinite, leaving room for endless possibilities, and with that comes more mystery surrounding the universe. I mean ever expanding! To really comprehend this thought is hard enough. If human beings were already virtually non-existent in relation to the grand scheme of the universe, then this contemplation is made even more justified. We are already one tiny planet within a galaxy where a universe has an un-quantified amount of galaxies, but well within the billions, so we just just grow more and more minute with time yet so much emphasis is placed on ourselves regarding the reasons for our being and the endless questions that surround this, when it doesn’t even really matter. I’m more intrigued in discovering the truths of universe without boundaries. When it is said ‘the possibilities are endless’ it has never felt more real. And I don’t mean that in terms of making stem cell growth possible, curing cancer or other things, which mark the conceivable prolongation of human existence, surpassing your believed potential and achieving the unthinkable. No, I mean the possibilities not within the scope of our imaginations, dreamt up and un-lifelike potentials, or something if seen within a movie it still couldn’t be believed to be real; like that of Inception, or Ex-machina, The Matrix or Interstellar. An exciting prospect right? And who is to say these things don’t exist already? But humans do need that proof; seeing is believing, right? Except when it comes to those strong held beliefs. With such a limited understanding about the universe in its entirety, anything really is possible!

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